Asaba PT - Office Equipment Distributors

Ktr Cabang
Jl Merdeka 68
Citarum, Bandung Wetan
Bandung 40115 Jawa Barat
Other Phones: (022) 4208954, 4208958
Fax: (022) 4206828
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Senin - Jumat
# Products Brands
1. Anchor Lem Fox
2. Ballpoint Zebra, Zebra, Zebra
3. Binder Machine Gbc, Gbc, Ibico, Gbc
4. Binding Machine
5. Brandkast Uchida, Uchida, Uchida, President
6. Cabinet Filing Kobra, Kobra, Kobra, Kobra, Kobra
7. Cabinet, Fire Resistant
8. Calculator Uchida, Uchida
9. Cartridge Ink Armor, Armor, Armor, Armor, Armor
10. Cash Register Uniwell
11. Civil & Surveying Software
12. Copier Konica, Develop, Konica, Konica, Develop
13. Copier Digital Konica Minolta, Konica, Develop, Konica Minolta, Konica, Konica, Konica Minolta, Develop, Konica
14. Copyright Konica
15. Cupboard, Archives President
16. Cutter Olfa
17. Cutting, Machine
18. Data Collector Sokkia
19. Document Shred
20. Drafting Machine Uchida
21. Drill , Engine
22. Drilling Uchida, Uchida, Uchida, Uchida
23. Drilling Machine
24. Duplicator Uchida, Uchida, Rally
25. Facsimile Minolta, Minolta, Minolta
26. Foto Copy Minolta, Minolta, Minolta, Develop
27. Glue Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox
28. GPS Sokkia
29. Guillotine Paper Cutter
30. Gyrostation
31. Ink Parker
32. Ink, Printer
33. Ink, Printing Armor, Armor, Armor
34. Inkjet Cartridge Canon, Canon, Canon
35. Integration, System Sokkia
36. Laminating Acco, Acco, Acco
37. Laminating Machine Acco, Acco, Acco, Acco, Uchida, Ibico, Uchida
38. Laser Sokkia
39. Machine, Cutter - Paper
40. Modem Fax
41. Office Equipment Bostik, Dahle, Gbc, Max, President, Zebra, President, Zebra, President, Uchida, Lion, Uchida, Lion, President, Acco, Ibico, Max, Uchida, Staedtler, Uchida, Gbc, Ibico, Zebra, Staedtler, Max, Acco, Kobra, Max, President, Bostik, Ibico, Acco, Bostik, Ibico, Dahle, President, Kobra, Dahle, Uchida, Uchida, Dahle, Lion, Kobra, Zebra, President, Lion, Lem Fox
42. OHP Uchida, Uchida, President
43. Paper Cutter
44. Paper Cutting
45. Paper Shredder Dahle, Dahle, Dahle
46. Pencil Staedtler, Staedtler, Staedtler
47. Photocopy
48. Plain Paper Copies
49. Plan Filling Cabinet
50. Printer Develop, Minolta, Minolta, Minolta
51. Printing, Digital Mutoh, ValueJet, ValueJet, SkyJet, SkyJet, Mutoh, Mutoh, ValueJet, SkyJet
52. Projector
53. Receiver Sokkia
54. Safe Deposit Box Uchida, Uchida, Uchida
55. Safety Box
56. Scanner Sokkia, Develop, Sokkia, Minolta, Minolta, Minolta
57. Stationery Zebra, Max, Staedtler, Staedtler, Bostik, Staedtler, Max, Zebra, Zebra, Staedtler, Max, President, Lion, Zebra, Zebra, Lion, Max, President, Waterman, Staedtler, Staedtler, Staedtler, Bostik, Staedtler, Staedtler, Lion, Max, Max, Parker, Lion, President, Bostik, Zebra, Lion, Parker, Waterman
58. Storage
59. Surveying Equipment Sokkia, Sokkia, Sokkia, Sokkia, Sokkia, Sokkia
60. Telefax, Machine Develop
61. Thermal Binding
62. Toner Cartridge Armor, Armor, Armor, Armor, Armor, Armor
63. Total Station Sokkia,
64. Trimming Dahle, Ibico, Dahle, Ibico, Dahle, Ibico
65. Typewriter, Electronic
66. Water Meter Sokkia
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