Indomarco Adi Prima PT - Food Products Distributor

Kompl Permata Asri
Kompl Permata Asri
Malang Jawa Timur
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# Products Brands
1. Baby Food Promina, Sun, Promina, Promina, Promina, Sun
2. Biscuit Jurrassic, Indofood, Canasta, Jurrassic, Safari, Trenz, Assorted Biscuit, Safari, Canasta, Assorted Biscuit, Dueto, Trenz, Hoops
3. Candy Chupa-Chups, Smint, Chupa-Chups, Starburst
4. Clean, Floor Idola, Idola
5. Condensed Sweetened Milks Indomilk, Indomilk
6. Consumer & Industrial Product
7. Drink Indofood, Indofood, Indofood
8. Flour Segitiga Biru, Roda Biru, Kereta Kencana, Cap Koki, Gunung Bromo, Cap Koki, Gunung Bromo, Roda Biru, Segitiga Biru, Cakra Kembar, Cakra Kembar, Kunci Biru, Chesa Dummas
9. Flour, Wheat Kunci Biru, Kunci Biru, Segitiga Biru
10. Food Indofood, Indofood, Indofood, Indofood, Indofood
11. Food Product Indofood, Indofood, Indofood
12. Ketchup Piring Lombok,
13. Margarine Amanda, Delima, Delima, Amanda, Simas Margarine, Delima, Simas Margarine, Amanda, Amanda, Delima, Simas Margarine, Delima, Amanda, Amanda, Delima, Amanda, Simas Margarine, Amanda, Delima
14. Milk Kremer, Indomilk, Ice Milk, Cap Enaak, Indomilk, Enak, Cap Enaak, Scm, Indomilk, Enak, Indomilk, Indomilk, Enak
15. Mosquito Coil Tiga Roda
16. Noodle Top Ramen, Pop Bihun, Vitamie, Supermie, Top Mie, Intermi, Newdles, Aseli Mie, Sakura Mie, Indomie, Aseli Mie, Cup Noodles, Chatz Mie, Super Cup, Nissin, Sakura, Sakura, Sarimi
17. Noodle Instant Indomie, Sarimi, Indomie, Indomie, Indofood, Indomie, Indofood, Indomie, Supermie, Indomie, Sarimi, Indomie, Supermie, Supermie, Indomie, Sarimi, Indofood, Supermie
18. Noodle, Dry Indomie, Indomie
19. Oil Amanda, Amanda
20. Oil, Cooking Bimoli, Sunrise, Bimoli, Bimoli, Happy Salad Oil, Bimoli, Delima, Sunrise, Bimoli, Bimoli, Bimoli, Bimoli
21. Paste La Fonte, La Fonte
22. Salt, Refined Refina, Refina
23. Sardine Benteng, Benteng, Planet, Tower
24. Sauce
25. Sauce, Chilli
26. Shortening Amanda, Delima, Delima, Delima, Delima, Amanda, Delima, Delima, Delima, Delima, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda
27. Snacks Tenny, Chitato, Horray, Cheetos, Cheetos, Chiki, Jetz, Lay's, Yoyo, Tradia, Chiki, Jet- Chitato, Lay's
28. Soap
29. Soft Drinks Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7 Up
30. Soybean Sauce Indofood, Piring Lombok, Piring Lombok
31. Spices
32. Syrup Indofood, Indofood
33. Talcum Dettol, Dettol, Dettol
34. Tomato, Sauces
35. Washer, Dish Idola, Idola, Idola
36. Whitener Buklin, Buklin, Buklin
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