Propan Raya ICC PT - Paint Manufacturers

Ktr Cabang
Jl Kom L Yos Sudarso Km 7,2 15
Titi Papan, Medan Deli
Medan 20244 Sumatera Utara
Other Phones: (061) 6620747
Fax: (061) 6620748
Paint Manufacturers

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# Products Brands
1. Acrylic Decorshield
2. Anti Bacterial Hand Gel
3. Anti Corrosion Coating Metalkote
4. Chemical Ultran
5. Coating Primtop, Ultraproof, Impra, Metalkote, Decorshield, Decorflex, Decorshield, Impra, Metalkote, Primtop, Ultran, Polyfloor, Ultraproof, Ultraproof, Impra, Primtop, Impra, Propan, Metalkote, Decorflex, Multi-Pox, Ultraproof, Ultran, Ultran, Ultraproof, Propan, Ultran, Polyfloor
6. Coating Epoxi Araldite, Araldite, Polyfloor
7. Coating For Commercial
8. Coating Metal Metalkote, Impra, Polyfloor, Metalkote, Multi-Pox, Polyfloor, Primtop, Ultran, Impra, Ultran, Multi-Pox
9. Coating System Glasskote, Primtop, Tennokote, Multi-Pox, Glasskote, Glasskote, Multi-Pox, Polyfloor, Primtop, Tennokote, Tennokote, Ultraproof, Ultraproof, Multi-Pox, Polyfloor, Glasskote, Tennokote
10. Coating, Floor Polyfloor, Polyfloor
11. Coating, Material Glasskote, Propan, Tennokote, Tennokote, Ultran, Ultran, Ultran
12. Coating, Protective Impra, Ultran, Decorflex, Decorshield, Impra, Primtop, Propan, Ultran, Primtop, Propan, Decorshield, Decorflex
13. Concrete Impra, Ultran, Impra, Ultran
14. Cover Coat
15. Enamelware
16. Epoxy
17. Epoxy Coating Multi-Pox,
18. Epoxy Topcoat Primtop, Primtop
19. Epoxy, Floor Polyfloor, Polyfloor
20. Finishing Impra, Impra
21. Furniture
22. Furniture, Wooden
23. Glue Impra, Ultran, Ultran, Impra
24. Industry, Chemical
25. Lake
26. Machine, Absent Impra, Ultran, Ultran
27. Machinery
28. Paint Impra, Ultran, Ultran, Glasskote, Impra, Impra, Multi-Pox, Polyfloor, Propan, Propan, Ultran, Ultraproof, Glasskote, Propan, Impra, Primtop, Primtop, Ultra, Ultran, Multi-Pox, Primtop, Polyfloor, Ultraproof, Impra, Primtop, Propan, Ultra, Impra
29. Paint Emulsion Impra, Ultran, Ultran, Impra
30. Paint, Anti Corrosive
31. Paint, Wall Decorflex, Ultran, Decorflex, Ultran
32. Paint, Wood Propan, Ultran, Impra, Propan, Ultran, Impra, Impra, Propan, Ultran, Ultran, Ultran, Ultran, Impra, Propan
33. Painting
34. Paints Powder
35. Plinkotes
36. Politur Ultran, Ultran, Ultran, Ultran,
37. Polyurethane Propan, Propan
38. Powder
39. Putty
40. Septic Tank Biofil, Biofil
41. Synthetic
42. Teak Ultran, Ultran
43. Texture Coating
44. Thinner Ultran, Impra, Ultran, Impra
45. Tile Mapei, Mapei
46. Tile, Adhesive Mapei, Mapei
47. Vernish
48. Wall Coating
49. Water Based
50. Water Shield Decorshield, Decorshield
51. Waterproofing Ultraproof, Ultraproof, Ultraproof, Ultraproof
52. Wooden Product Ultran, Ultran
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